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Ombudsman Royal Decree

Decree No. 67/2012
Appointment of Inspector General in the NSA
We, Hamad bin Eissa Al Khalifa, King of the Kingdom of Bahrain,
After reviewing the constitution,
And decree No. (14) of 2002 regarding the establishment of the National Security Agency (NSA) and its amendments,
And decree No. (28) of 2012 regarding the establishment of an independent office for the Inspector General and Professional Standards Office in the NSA
And the Royal Decree No. (23) of 2010, related to Judicial appointments
After the nomination by the Head of the NSA,
After the revision of the Premier,
enacted the following:
Article No. (1)
The Judge Mohamed Rashid Abdulla Rumaihi is hereby appointed as Inspector General in the NSA in the rank of Under-Secretary for the period of five years, which is renewable.
Article No. (2)
The Premier will have to execute the Royal Decree which will be applicable from the date of its issuance and will be published in the official Gazette.
King of the Kingdom of Bahrain
Hamad bin Eissa Al Khalifa
Deputy Premier
Mohamed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa
Issued in Riffa Palace
24 Shawal 1433 AH
11 September 2012