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The Message of the Ombudsman

The Kingdom of Bahrain has attached great importance to human rights and has sought, through local legislations and international agreements having force of local law, for maintenance and protection of these rights so as to ensure human dignity on the soil of the Kingdom of Bahrain and preserve human rights in all walks of life. The Kingdom of Bahrain not only issued legislations and acceded to international treaties but also assumed the responsibility, from its international and local position, to set up specialized human rights agencies among the government establishments, which were entrusted with the task of ensuring protection and maintenance of human rights relevant to the work of these agencies. These agencies were given under the charge of competent jurists, expert in the legal affairs. In this context, the royal approval was sanctioned to implement recommendations of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry, especially what entered into Recommendation No. 1718 and 1722, regarding the formation of the Office of the Inspector General (Ombudsman) at NSA. Decree No. 28 of 2012 was issued regarding the formation of the Office of the Inspector General (Ombudsman) at NSA so as to ensure formation of an independent human rights agency, competent to receive and examine complaints regarding maltreatment of persons by the NSA staff and their other violation of the international laws and agreements endorsed by the Kingdom of Bahrain, to conduct inquiries in those complaints whenever such violations are committed for any reason or at any occasion or while they are on duty or if the agency has a role therein. The Inspector General Office ensures its commitment to confidentiality and privacy to every complainant and will seek, according to the law, for realization of rights and establishment of justice, acting within the ambits of its powers.


May God help us in our work!


Inspector General

Mohammad Rashid Al Rumaihi